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 Dickinson County Conservation District

I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own. ~Andy Warhol
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  • May 29 - OFFICE CLOSED - Memorial Day
  • June 2 - Regular Board Meeting 9:00 AM
  • July 12 - Regular Board Meeting 10:00 AM
  • July 15 - FSA Deadline to Certify Spring Crops

Seeding Dates:
Cool Season Grasses (brome, fescue)
             • Aug. 15-Oct. 1
             • Dec. 1-April 15 (best dates)
Warm Season Grasses (native mix)
             • Dec. 1-May 15 (best for forbs)
             • March 15-May 15 (best dates)
Prescribed burn dates
             • CRP: Feb. 1-April 15
             • Depending on soils, July 16-Aug. 31 (contact FSA/ NRCS for more information)
             • Rangeland: April 1-May 5

Dickinson County Conservation District is a locally led organization dedicated to actively promoting the prudent, enduring, and sustainable use of our precious natural resources.

State Cost-Share Financial Assistance Sign-Up Begins

Dickinson County Conservation District is conducting a state cost-share sign-up April 15, 2017 through May 15, 2017 to accept requests for state financial assistance to install enduring conservation practices.  The conservation district administers state cost-share programs locally to improve water quality and reduce soil erosion. Funding is provided by the Division of Conservation, Kansas Department of Agriculture (DOC) through appropriation from the Kansas Water Plan Fund.

Landowners with natural resource concerns on their property are encouraged to visit the Dickinson County Conservation District to apply for state cost-share assistance.  Funding is provided through cost-share payments to landowners for eligible practices such as terraces, grassed waterways, field windbreaks, grass plantings, livestock water supplies, cross fencing, on-site waste systems, and abandoned well plugging.  Application does not guarantee approval of cost-share financial assistance.  Projects started or completed prior to being approved for funding are not eligible for these funds.

Following the sign-up deadline, each request is carefully reviewed to ensure eligibility.  The proposed project is ranked according to a system developed by the DOC and Dickinson County Conservation District.  The ranking system ensures fairness to landowners and ensures cost-share funds are used to meet local conservation priorities. Landowners approved for the program are notified of the practice(s) approved and the estimated amount of cost-share that will be provided.  Before implementation begins, the contract must be approved by the DOC and must be signed by the landowners.

The Conservation District works closely with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to protect and conserve natural resources, primarily soil and water.  Conservation practices funded with state cost-share funds must be installed and maintained according to NRCS and DOC specifications.  Landowners must work closely with NRCS in the planning stage to ensure practices are applied correctly. Technical assistance for these practices is provided free of charge by NRCS.

All programs of the Dickinson County Conservation District are available without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status.

For more information concerning state cost-share programs and other available services, please contact Cindy Dooley, District Manager, Dickinson County Conservation Service, 785.263.2787 extension 332.
USDA Service Center
328 NE 14 Street

Abilene, KS  67410

(785) 263-2787

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USDA Service Center

Conservation District

Board of Supervisors:

Dennis Marston, Chairman
Darren Haney, Vice Chairman
Raymond Bielefeld, Treasurer
Francis Anderson, Member
Dennis Chartier, Member

Cindy Dooley, District Manager
Brian Lang, Drill Manager

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Kenny Bowell, Supervisory District  Conservationist
Danny Carroll, Soil Conservation Technician

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

Braden Stueve, County Executive Director:
Ellen Alvarez, Program Technician
Tonya Askew, Program Technician
Sandy Johnson, Program Technician
Deb Marston, Program Technician
Michele Snowball, Program Technician