Dickinson County Conservation District - Find us at the USDA Service Center in Abilene, KS

 Dickinson County Conservation District

"Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land."   Aldo Leopold
Important Dates   
  1. Title 21
  2. Title 22
  3. Title 23
  4. Title 24
  5. Title 25
  6. Title 26
  7. Title 27
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  • November 10 – OFFICE CLOSED – Veteran’s Day
  • November 13 - Regular Board Meeting USDA Service Center
  • November 15 – FSA Deadline to report Grass and Alfalfa
  • November 23 – OFFICE CLOSED – Thanksgiving Day

Seeding Dates:
Cool Season Grasses (brome, fescue)
             • Aug. 15-Oct. 1
             • Dec. 1-April 15 (best dates)
Warm Season Grasses (native mix)
             • Dec. 1-May 15 (best for forbs)
             • March 15-May 15 (best dates)
Prescribed burn dates
             • CRP: Feb. 1-April 15
             • Depending on soils, July 16-Aug. 31 (contact FSA/ NRCS for more information)
             • Rangeland: April 1-May 5

Dickinson County Conservation District is a locally led organization dedicated to actively promoting the prudent, enduring, and sustainable use of our precious natural resources.

Conservation Award Nominees Sought

Each year, the Dickinson County Conservation District presents awards to six county land owners for implementing conservation practices that exemplify a commitment to stewardship of our natural resources. Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting in February and recipients are recognized in a special supplement to the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle. Each of the six awards is dedicated to a conservation practice that strives to conserve and promote healthy soils, water, forests, and wildlife.

The Banker’s Award, presented to Brian and Carrie Shippy in 2016, recognizes best management practices that prevent erosion and maintain fertility and productivity of the land. 

Bob and Janet Meyer received the 2016 Grasslands Award for managing land in a manner that results in conservation of soil, water, and grassland resources. 

The 2016 Buffer Award was presented to Dennis and Mary Avery for establishing and maintaining buffer and filter strips that improve wildlife habitat and water quality by taking marginal land out of production and planting it in native grasses, forbs, and legumes.

No-till farming results in the reduction of soil erosion and fuel consumption. The 2016 No-Till Farming Award went to Steve and Jill Lang for their dedication to improving soil health and wildlife habitat.

Joe and Anita Miller received the 2016 Windbreak Award for establishing and managing a windbreak to protect farm resources and reduce soil erosion.

The 2016 Young Farmer Award was presented to Phil Hoffman, for demonstrating an understanding of the importance of conservation, implementing conservation practices both as a joint effort and individually, demonstrating excellence and dedication in operation management, making great conservation efforts while overcoming challenges, and taking a leadership role in conserving natural resources. 

Award winners are selected from a group of landowners nominated by the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors, partner organizations, and other area landowners.  To be eligible to win the award, nominee must implement one or more specific conservation practices in Dickinson County and must not have been a winner the prior year.

The Dickinson County Conservation District is now accepting nominations for the Conservation Awards.  Nomination may be made by phone at 785-263-2787 extension 332, by email to cindy.dooley@ks.nacdnet.net or by submitting a form on the website homepage: www.dkcoconservation.com
USDA Service Center
328 NE 14 Street

Abilene, KS  67410

(785) 263-2787

(785) 263-1351
USDA Service Center

Conservation District

Board of Supervisors:

Dennis Marston, Chairman
Darren Haney, Vice Chairman
Raymond Bielefeld, Treasurer
Francis Anderson, Member
Dennis Chartier, Member

Cindy Dooley, District Manager
Brian Lang, Drill Manager

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Kenny Bowell, Supervisory District  Conservationist
Danny Carroll, Soil Conservation Technician

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

Braden Stueve, County Executive Director:
Ellen Alvarez, Program Technician
Tonya Askew, Program Technician
Sandy Johnson, Program Technician
Deb Marston, Program Technician
Michele Snowball, Program Technician